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Is your baby the happy type?

Posted by Carmen S. on

Every parent is happy when a new member of the family arrives. The joy that parents feel is enormous and is hardly ever comparable to any other feeling of happiness that may result from other things. At the same time, there is the dilemma of what to do to make the child happy at every instant. What may seem right to the parent may be wrong to the child and what is wrong to the parent may be exactly what the baby needs at that point in time. Parents, therefore, need to know the signs that will tell them when they are on the right track and otherwise.

There are different signs for different stages.


At this stage, the sight of your face and the sound of your voice soothe your baby. Of course, it may be worrying when you smile at your tyke and are met with a blank drowsy stare but fret not because it is indeed a good sign. At this stage, your child does not have the ability to smile or express any positive emotion yet. In fact looking peaceful is their only way of expressing joy. They either cry or don’t cry so when they are not crying all is definitely well.


When your baby conforms her body to your arms and doesn't arch its back, it's a sign that it is comfortable. At this age, she's happy when you meet her basic needs: You respond to her cries, feed her, change her diapers, and lull her to sleep.

Also somewhere between a month to three months your baby starts to smile. This smile is more spontaneous than reflexive. Before now your babies your baby would only smile when he/she experiences an internal comfort from activities such as passing gas. But now they can do that as a direct response to what someone does to or with them. So if you know how to make funny faces, this period would be ideal to showcase your talent.


This period is when things get a little more exciting as smiles can now easily and more regularly graduate into laughter. Funny noises, touches or face making are part of the things that keeps them going. Also placing them in the hands of quality baby products such as Cybex Prams or Baby Cots would contribute to their happiness. At around 6 months, the element of surprise becomes a big hit. They get tickled by having their expectations upended. Peekaboo game is a trustworthy trick.


At first, "speech" is a series of consonant sounds strung together. Yes! Babies pick up these sounds (and along with them, your intonation) from listening to you. Now they can communicate their emotions vocally. When babies babble in a higher and higher pitch, they're showing interest in something or pleasure in their interaction with you.


Generally doing funny things is a source of hilarity to them at this stage; they try things like wearing the diapers on their face.

All of these actions to make your baby require you to be there and spend your time except for the aspect of providing Quality Baby Products. Why not visit Baby Undercover for your prams and Baby cots in Melbourne to safeguard your baby’s happiness. At Baby Undercover the mothers are also covered with the sale of trendy and reliable Baby bags.

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