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Making The Right rocker/bouncer Choice For Your Baby

Posted by Carmen S. on

There is no point denying that every one of us would want to have his world rocked by something or someone at one point or another, adults and babies alike. The difference is that your baby cannot afford to do that by himself- at least not just yet. When your world is rocked you are happy and every mother wants their baby to be happy. A baby rocker/bouncer is naturally named so because its primary purpose is to make the baby happy whenever the baby is placed in it. It is, therefore, necessary to make the right choice of rocker/bouncer when investing in your child’s happiness.

Before going on about rocker/bouncer, it would be nice to quickly point out the difference between a baby rocker/bouncer. There seems to be a popular misconception out there that the two baby facilities are the same or interchangeable. Newsflash!! They are not and there is quite a distance between their functionalities. A rocker/bouncer is usually designed in a way that the baby has to be placed in it in a lying position. It can be moved or swung slightly in a side to side direction. It is used for babies usually within the age of 0 to 3 months (or 5 months at most).

These lovely infants are usually not strong enough to hold or raise their own heads neither are they capable of standing. The rocker/bouncer when swung with the right speed and frequency, soothes the baby to sleep hence its recommendation for infants that have trouble sleeping.

The bouncer, on the other hand, is designed to hold older babies in a somewhat slant position with firm straps. It could be referred to as a baby’s cushion. Its tray is soft and made for babies who are old enough to hold and move their heads, arms, and legs. It is constructed to provide the baby the freedom to exercise its legs a bit. Hence it is recommended for babies who are preparing to take that giant first step in life. Now that is something definitely worth preparing for as a parent, right?

There are different types of baby rocker/bouncer out there and the choice you make should be guarded by some factors such as sturdiness, price, comfort, durability, your baby’s reaction and so on. There are electric rocker/bouncer with controls that can rock the baby in any desired direction and at controlled speeds. There also those that are designed to be flashy with bright colored designs. There’s more… There are also baby rocker/bouncer that have toys hanging down from the handles providing something for your baby to look at or play with while being rocked. Some of those with toys could have the toys detached to suit the mood of the baby while others are permanently attached. Most mothers make the mistake of assuming that all babies like flashy toys so they usually go for the flashy rocker/bouncer forgetting that babies are individuals with varying needs and moods just like adults. We advise that you learn more about the signs of a happy baby and be sure that your choice of a rocker/bouncer is one that matches the personality of your adorable infant maintaining its value happiness.

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