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What Mothers should know about Stroller types

Posted by Carmen S. on

If you are a mother with a newborn or pregnant and preparing for the arrival of that wonderful addition (or additions) to the family, then you probably are already thinking of getting a stroller. Strollers are one of the most sold baby transportation products and this is not just fluke, it is because of the wide range of types and versatility of the product. The type of strollers to go for depends surprisingly on a lot of factors such as the location of permanent residence of the lucky family, the type of family, the lifestyle of the mother among a multiplicity of other factors.

For mothers with a new baby, congratulations! But do not rush out there to get a stroller just like your neighbor’s or your sister’s who have older babies just because you like the way it looks fashion-wise. A huge number of fashionable jogging strollers and umbrella strollers out there are not designed to give proper head and back support to babies. Therefore you would be doing your baby more harm than good if you get those for your infant without adequate information and practical fact finding.

Go for baby strollers that recline and can be used with a bassinet attachment. Since your baby cannot sit up or hold its head, this would provide the needed support.

Now for the fact that strollers are meant to help you move your babies with ease and at the same pace as you are moving (which would otherwise not be possible without the stroller), where you live and where you move to should play a major role in your choice of stroller. A sturdy baby stroller would be best for someone who moves a lot through the streets and sometimes needs to maneuver their way along sidewalks. The stroller should also be easily collapsible when both mother and child need to board public transportation like climbing on a bus.

Those in the suburbs should go for strollers that can fit into car trunks after being folded. Most mothers like to lose weight after giving birth but cannot leave their babies by themselves while they go out for walks or runs. These dedicated mothers have the perfect option in jogging strollers. Jogging strollers are beautifully designed inward and readily out to serve this purpose. They might be three-wheeled or four-wheeled the choice is a matter of personal preference (but at least make your choice considering your baby first since he would be going for the run too).

For a family with an older child, the double stroller is recommended, or the ones with attachments. If those with attachment are to be used, then the weight limits should be known and adhered to for safety purposes. If you are a mother who doesn’t jog a lot but prefers to exercise by taking strolls and running a few errands here and there, fret not, there is also the right stroller for you and your baby, an umbrella stroller is a perfect option for you to get your baby easily out and about.

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