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Prams & Strollers

As a parent in Melbourne, your baby is understandably a prized possession. Obviously, as a mother, you didn’t give your baby free accommodation in your womb for so long only to dump your baby indoors when you are going outside. At Baby Under Cover, we understand that a parent’s best company is her baby. Taking your baby’s tickles and lovely giggles outside with you means walking around make memories that are eternally pocketed in your brain never to be forgotten. But you are not going to stress fully carry your baby around Melbourne, Australia in your hands however much a lovely parent you are, are you? Definitely not, you are going to need prams definitely. This is where our lovely prams enter the scene.

Reliable and Safe Prams in Melbourne, Australia

Talking about stability, then it have it overflowing in our prams. The prams at Baby Under Cover are well selected with your baby’s safety as top priority featuring the best collections of Cybex prams from Jeremy Scott. Our prams are enhanced with wide wheels to give your baby the most comfortable balance with the suspensions easily adjustable so your baby is all lathered with smiles all day long outdoors. Our lovely prams replete with top quality brands of the likes of Jeremy Scott Cybex prams dutifully deploy the latest brake technology ensuring that they are highly reactive and quickly responsive to your impulsive movements in case of emergencies. Deploying very reliable restraints, you can be confident your baby is dowsed in ultimate convenience with no hurt to your little angel. Our prams in Melbourne and all across Australia, well sophisticated with easy-clip buckles are a hefty guarantee that your baby is never falling. With our prams, your baby is even safer outdoors than indoors.

Our prams are made with the best quality materials and very convenient to move about

Prams are made from an extensive variety of materials cutting across fabrics. We only assure you of the best quality materials with our prams, the type of Cybex prams from Jeremy scott and other top brands. Our spills are very easy to clean up while maintaining their rare fancifulness; our prams’ fabrics don’t stain easily.

At Baby Under Cover, we understand that being a good parent doesn’t necessarily mean sweating profusely pushing your baby all about. This is why we make sure that our prams are very convenient to move your baby all about with almost no effort exerted in lifting our prams. At baby under cover, we strive to keep that smile genuinely on your face while moving your baby around Melbourne, hence our moving your baby about in our prams is as enjoyable as a Miami holiday!

The wheels of our prams are all yours to maneuver

Our prams are very “obedient” and would readily listen to all your commands quickly. They move as you want, turn as quickly as you want. Our prams are well beefed up selectively with the best swivel wheels for quick and seamless maneuverability in little spaces and those notoriously narrow streets. We still have steadier wheels with wider bases for your baby’s best equilibrium. The handles also are well adjustable with moderate straps. Your baby is definitely in for a sweet ride.

Our Prams have all the storage you need

Our prams are little cozy homes for your little sweet candy baby and you. You can keep your little assortments, your bottles, your bags all neatly inside our prams without buckling things up with trays well kept under the seats. You are not living any essentials back at home for lack of space.

With our prams, every moment outdoor in Melbourne with your baby is special. Make orders and we deliver all across Australia at your convenience. Get your baby in our prams and check out the delicious smiles on their faces, then you know you have not made a bad choice.

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